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Grow Your Clientele and Increase Profits

Struggling to drive clients into your cleaning business? You've set up your business model, planned your budget, and picked a specialty, and now all you need are clients to work with. You didn't think persuading customers to hire your cleaning services could be this hard, did you? Today's marketplace is more crowded than ever, more overwhelming than ever, and it's only getting worse. You can't survive without a steady source of qualified leads. Lead generation is the process of feeding your business with qualified potential customers. Then you need to convince and retain them as repeat customers. Download the Lead Generation Bundle, and learn where to find leads, how to generate them and convert them into loyal customers. It's a comprehensive, easy-to-follow 60-minute webinar that comes with a Lead Generation 101 workbook.   Constant Flow Of Customers: Learn how to get your hands on qualified leads that just need a little nudge to become repeat clients. Grow Your Cleaning Business: This 60-minute webinar explains how to develop a solid lead generation strategy so you never run out of customers. 101 Sales Techniques: Learn how to gain a sales mindset. Performing regular follow-ups and honing your closing skills.     What You Will Learn:     What is lead generation? How to be relentless What you need to know before you start generating leads How to categorize your leads 5 lead generation strategies How to overcome the "send me more information" argument.  

$69.00 USD
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