It’s time to stop scrubbing and start scaling your business...


You launched your cleaning business
a year or so ago. And now you're feeling more like a firefighter dousing flames nonstop.

Yes, you love your business
but something has to give before you completely BURNOUT.

You see, you thought you knew
what you were in for when you signed up for this entrepreneurial thing, but nothing could really prepare you for what it feels like to be so totally and completely overwhelmed, and no one around you understands.

Hi, I’m Tequila Jarrett,

The Million $ Cleaning Coach and when it comes to building a profitable cleaning business, I’m your girl. 

With over 18 years of experience in the cleaning business industry, I have seen (and made) my fair share of mistakes. Fortunately, I also had incredible successes, such as grossing $1 million in one year and later selling my cleaning business for a hefty profit.

Not only have I had financial success, I’m also the go-to expert for building residential and commercial janitorial businesses. I use my expertise to develop strategies to help other companies reach their target market, maximize profits and effectively manage their staff.

What if...

  • You were confident about building your cleaning business and knew how to easily connect with your target market and position yourself as an industry expert.
  • You had automated systems and processes to convert inbound leads into paying customers, increase your average ticket and upsell your existing customers.
  • You knew how to get a consistent flow of inbound leads for your cleaning business and build awareness of how awesome your business is.
  • You had a backend support system for answering your phones, scheduling work, managing finances and payroll.

If you want to stop scrubbing and start scaling your cleaning business so you can live your dream life, then The Cleaners Academy is for you

The Cleaners Academy Membership program is an online training platform comprising comprehensive modules for YOU, the cleaning business owner. The Cleaners Academy covers all the topics you need to develop a successful, profitable cleaning business. With clear, detailed advice from industry experts.

With each module, you will receive...

  • Over three hours of focused, fluff-free video lessons to help you check off that week’s task;
  • Fill in the blank templates so you never feel like you are starting from scratch
  • Workbooks designed to assist you in organizing your thoughts and workflows
Each month I will host two group coaching calls to help you stay on track. You will have access to a private Facebook group for serious support and accountability along the way.

This program is for you if...

  • You have launched your service and haven’t seen the growth you were hoping for.
  • You avoid REALLY showing up because you are afraid ofhow people will respond.
  • You are a brand new business and it shows.
  • You assume that everyone you hire will work as hard as you.
  • You created the plan for what you wanted to accomplish, but somehow you just end up procrastinating and pushing back your deadlines

Here's how your 10-module cleaning course works:


Each month we will work to uncover and conquer a different part of your cleaning business, from the foundation to marketing to your online presence and so much more.

Value of your Sleep

Value of The Cleaners Academy

Monthly Membership


Monthly Recurring Charge

Pay $129/mo 


Starting or growing a business isn't easy. There are so many questions to answer and options to choose from.

Ironically, most companies never become successful because they don't have the right foundation. They start with inadequate systems that hold them back or, even worse, no systems at all. It's why 50% of all new businesses fail within three years and 93% of all cleaning companies NEVER reach even $500K in annual revenues

The Cleaners Academy has been developed with one goal in mind: To help you grow a successful cleaning business.

Here are what others are saying about The Cleaners Academy


Your knowledge and passion are unmatched! After 18years in business and counting, I still didn’t know it all, and I am always a student of my craft. Because of your teaching, The Cleaners Academy & knowledge, Skinny Minny, Inc. Cleaning Services is stepping out in new territory with a new level of confidence...I am forever grateful for my Cleaning Coach. Thank you, Tequila Jarrett, The Million $ Cleaning Coach. I prayed for wisdom and God sent you!

Ann Mooney, Skinny Minnie Cleaning Services

Good morning Tequila, I just wanted to tell you that I watched the Foundations ll class video and workbook last night. I just wanted to say again that I have learned and continue to learn so much from you, from the Academy content, your lives on Instagram, Clubhouse etc... I appreciate how you touch on everything there is to know about running a business. Sometimes it's the smallest things that help the most. When I got to the part on vendor accounts, a light bulb came on. 🤣 I purchased a cart from Uline and I had the money to pay for it and I was wondering why I wasn't charged for at the time of ordering and when it came there was no invoice. So, I called them and paid for the cart before I received an invoice. So, after the vendor accounts section everything made sense. 😂. I appreciate you!! You are doing a fantastic job!! Happy Friday!!!

Robin Wright - RR Wright Cleaning Company

The Cleaner's Academy is one of the best investment of could've done for my business and myself. Since joining I've spend a lot of time working on the business side of things that I had no idea of. I'm able to tap into my creativity and decide on what works for me as a temporary solopreneur. Ms. Tequila doesn't just discuss business, she digs deeps into self development and self empowerment . She's very transparent and trustworthy. It's a no judgement zone. You're not alone, you will be surrounded with other business owners that have the same questions and desires for their businesses. I expect to be a part of the Cleaner's Academy for the long run. I highly recommend the program for any business owner that wanna experience growth within their business and themself.

Lynette, A-Clean Slate Cleaning Service

Fair Warning:
When you join The Cleaners Academy, be prepared to learn how:

To stay calm when things go wrong or slow.

To be in control of your business every day.

To focus your efforts on the right tasks and the right areas inside your business.

The time is now before you get back into another crisis mode inside your cleaning business.

Just Imagine.